My name is William and I’m a digital creative. I’m currently studying the first year of the Communication Design program at Berghs School of Communication. I have also studied Digital Design at Yrgo (2 years) and Fine Arts at Domen (2 years).

I love designing digital technologies. They allow me to combine two aspects central to what I want to do; design interactive experiences and design captivating aesthetics. When in harmony, these two aspects enhance each other. Like great architecture, the aesthetics improve perceived usability and the usability improves the aesthetics. My ambition is to work in this intersection. Building products that solve problems, look great and reinforce a brand.

After work I might take my bike and explore some new parts of Stockholm, visit local art scenes or just go home and work on some non-digital art project.


Berghs SOC / Communication Design

Stockholm ┃2021 - 2023 (Current)
By 2021, I had a pretty solid product design foundation and some professional design experience. But I wanted to dive deeper and give myself the opportunity to excel in graphic design, UI design, branding, typography and design thinking. What interests me the most is the application of aesthetic excellence in conjunction with amazing usability, and how these aspects converge into an amazing user experience.

Yrgo / Digital Designer

Gothenburg ┃2017 - 2019
I knew that I wanted to design digital products and this was the time to thoroughly learn all the related tools and processes. My teachers were amazing and I enjoyed my time at Yrgo immensely. I learned the practice of designing interactive digital products, systems and services through human centered design, design thinking, graphic design, motion design, UX/UI and HTML/CSS.

Internship at ICA Reklam ↓

Dômen School of Art / Fine Arts

Gothenburg ┃2014 - 2016
I wanted to be in an environment where I could explore art and design, freely, and Dômen was just that. I spent my time experimenting with digital art, mixed media, installation art and sculpture. My favorite aspects were, no doubt, interactive installations and digital design. This is where I learned that I wanted to do digital design, and started researching the opportunities.

Magnus Åberg High School / Art & Design

trollhättan ┃2011 - 2014
Growing up, I knew from an early age that I wanted to do those things that others call “creative”. Art, design, architecture. Going for a high school focused on design and art was a given, and it enforced the idea that this was something I would want to explore more.


NCC / Digital Editor

Stockholm ┃2019 - 2021
I wanted to have broad work experience before pursuing further design education. Working at a huge organization with a broad array of tasks was a great way to experiment.
I got to do a bit of everything; apply UX/UI processes when redesigning sections of ncc.se, build new pages for ncc.se using Wordpress and Episerver, collaborate with external web agencies, work in sprints and support editors by designing content on demand. This gave me a sense of clarity of where to go next.y.

ICA Reklam / Web Content Producer Internship

Gothenburg ┃2019 (6 months)
I wanted to spend the internship getting really proficient with digital design tools, and an inhouse design agency would allow me to do just that. I designed a broad array of content such as banners and motion graphics used for online marketing. I also worked with the planning and publishing of campaigns in social media channels. I enjoyed spending so much time with design tools, getting faster and faster, and seeing the work that goes into digital marketing. Yet, I also learned that I wanted to do more process oriented, collaborative work in product design environments. Production was fun, but something was missing.