Elevating sustainability management through design, this project showcases a new brand identity and user-friendly interface for SustainLab’s platform (wip) and website.
As part of a team of four students, I collaborated to create a fresh brand identity for SustainLab, a cutting-edge sustainability data management platform. Our focus on environmental sustainability was evident in every aspect of the brand design.

Building on that foundation, I then dove deep into the individual development of a new website and platform design for SustainLab. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for sustainability, I crafted a platform (wip) and website design that brings the brand's mission to life. Although the project is ongoing, the results so far are a testament to my dedication to drive impact through design.
UI Design
Berghs School of Communication
Stategy/Branding: me & 3 other designers
UI: me individually
Brand Strategy and concept
Outlining the brand objective
The initial stage of our project involved a thorough examination of industry benchmarks from comparable companies. The task of collecting and organizing logos, text, imagery, icons, and other elements proved to be an intriguing journey that brought structure to the research findings. Through this process, we observed numerous similarities across the various brands.

Through rigorous research efforts, engaging with the company, and team-wide brainstorming sessions, we crafted a succinct brand concept, titled "Straight to the point," that reflects the distilled essence of our findings.

The company and brand should embody the "Straight to the Point" ethos, characterised by clear, direct communication and a streamlined, no-nonsense approach. This extends to both the language used in written communications and the overall visual look and feel of the brand. Additionally, the automation of data handling that SustainLab provides, further supports this ethos by eliminating unnecessary clutter.
Establishing the brand persona
Building upon the "Straight to the Point" ethos: crafting a design direction.

Visual Inspiration: Our design direction was influenced by the principles of the Bauhaus movement, combined with the minimalist approach of renowned Braun designer Dieter Rams and his famous mantra "Less but better." We also drew inspiration from examples of functionalist architecture and sleek product design.
Moodboard presenting functionalist architecture, Bauhaus design and Braun appliances by renowned designer Dieter Rams.
Collaborative Figma sketching of brand elements using primary red, blue, and yellow.
Constructing an intuitive and visually appealing interface.
In the latter stage, I pursued independent work, beginning with extensive hand sketching followed by UI experimentation in Figma. I alternated between tasks on the platform and website design work to ensure cohesive progress.

Translating the previously established brand onto a digital product proved to be a thrilling exploration, particularly since our team, including myself, was responsible for developing the brand in the first phase of the project.
I began the UI explorations by making rough paper sketches.
I advanced to Figma, quickly prototyping various layout options.
I altered the website explorations with working on the platform, exploring various alternatives for the graphs.
A website design that offers a tactile, interactive experience, elevating the user's overall experience.
The outcome is a website design with a  layout that aims to break down the barriers between functional sections that would typically be separated by section headings on a traditional landing page.

In response to this, I designed a feed that blends the site's most crucial components, the News and Testimonials, with the goal of crafting a more dynamic and captivating user experience.
Cards presenting news and testimonials, designed with consistency in mind, featuring the "#news" tag and heading in the same prominent location regardless of the shape of the image.
The completed website design seamlessly blends the site's crucial components, News and Testimonials, in a unified feed with the goal to craft a dynamic and captivating user experience.
This is an ongoing development of the platform's user interface.