Crafting and building an online homage for the 25th anniversary of The Prodigy's 'Fat of the Land' album - a website for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2022.
XL Recordings
UI design
Webflow development
This project was done for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2022 competition. The brief by XL Recordings was to design and build a dedicated website for the 25 year anniversary of the 1997 album “Fat of the Land” by The Prodigy. I teamed up with fellow designer Jenny Hedlund (Berghs SoC) and after 3 weeks we had a working mobile website built in Webflow.
UI design
Webflow development
D&AD New Blood Awards brief
Berghs School of Communication
Me & another designer
Investigation of the past and present
We engrossed ourselves in the band, the album and the zeitgeist of 1997. We didn’t want to fall into the trap of creating only a nostalgic throwback, and thus explored what the prodigy represented back then and how that would translate onto today. The Fat of the Land was a groundbreaking and genre transcending album ahead of its time, and we wanted to mirror that in our designs, whilst also bringing forth the nostalgic grunge of the late 90s.
Defining a tone of voice
About as polished as public toilet doodles - that was our early direction for the brand. We elaborated that initial direction through 6 keywords. We explored the keywords further by creating two moodboards.
Brand keywords

Our moodboard inspired us to pursue an analog feeling for the brand. We explored what this could entail through a workshop. We collected various materials, manipulated them and digitalized them with a scanner and cameras.
Moodboard 01.
Moodboard 2 - picked for the project.
We assembled our brand explorations into a brand toolbox.
Early UI sketching
Early low fidelity sketching and wireframing defined what we would build - what user journeys our demo would support, how those pages would roughly look and what assets we might need.
Creating the funky shit
We worked almost exclusively with assets created by us. This would allow us to have a unique brand which would convey the analog DIY-aesthetic.
We scanned and photographed materials and textures in order to achieve the analog expression.
We created our own font (called "Funky Shit Sans") by writing letters with a marker pen on transparent plastic, throwing gravel on it, scanning it and then process it using Glyphs.
We created moving gif:s by screen capturing music videos and related material. These were used to space out the website and create breathing space between the cluttered sections.
Decor assets
We scanned and cut out png-images of tape and other materials which were used as floating assets on the website, mainly masking the orderly division of sections on the site.
We created images of merchandise in Photoshop, inspired by the album themes. The merch images use a grainy filter, assuring they fit in with the site tonality.
We strived to create components which would closely relate to the analog DIY expression of the brand. We created buttons, product cards, selectors and more. Influences include early desktop operating systems and analog graphic design magazines.
HiFi UI design
We designed the high-fidelity UI in parallel whilst creating assets and fine tuning the brand. This was the canvas where we explored how everything would come together in a few key pages. I moved on to work and iterate further in Webflow as soon as we had a good enough outline of the entire user journey and a few finished key pages.
Building the website
I built the site using Webflow. My partner Jenny kept creating more assets in parallel with me building the website. The final site consists of seven interactive pages which demo our concept.
The band, tracklist, merch section & product page.
Casefilm &  walkthrough
The casefilm summarizes the project and was submitted together with the final website to the D&AD New Blood Awards 2022 competition. The main focus of the video is to convey the tonality and brand of the project.